Monday, February 12, 2018

#TheScienceOf Internet Trolls

#TheScienceOf Internet Trolls (video by Scientist Mel)
+Scientist Mel Excellent video and I think it is something perhaps we all need to be reminded of every so often on how to deal with trolls as they will always be around as it is one of the darker sides of the Internet. Some people just seem to prefer to spend more time trying to tear down others for simply for their own personal entertainment and it's pretty sad in my opinion, but I think we can all take to heart some of the advice you gave in your well as these basic guidelines on how to handle trolls that I think is excellent for the GDC to adopt as guidelines on handling trolls on the Internet.

1. Establish a Policy
2. Ignore Them (by far the best advice)
3. Make Light of the Situation
4. Unmask Them
5. Don’t Provide a Platform
6. Use Moderators and Online Tools
7. Create a Unified Community
8. Listen
9. Fight Back With Facts
10. Correct Mistakes

Types of trolls to determine best course of action. If you see certain types of behavior it may help you to determine what type of troll you're dealing with. I think I have ran into every type of these since I have been in YouTube.
(From Mel's video)

Rabid Flamer Sharing Troll
Grammar Troll Profane Screamer
Cry baby White Knight
Never Give up Expert
Retroactive Stalker Spoiler
Lame Teenager Fraud
Self Feeding Flooder
Bored Hater Lair
Niellie Neggerson Stalker

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

DNA as a "code' does not mean it was created by an intelligent agent

A 'code" in semiotics is when you have a symbol being replaced by a letter or word (most of time) which is deciphered into a normal readable language...there is nothing about DNA being a "code" that fits that description. Man "arbitrarily" assigned names to the nucleotides based upon what nitrogenous base they have and gave those names a symbol to represent them. Those symbols do not translate into any normal readable language. The calling of DNA a "code" is merely a very loose informal analogy to help students better understand conceptually how DNA to protein synthesis works in the central dogma of biology. Stop trying to use a poor analogy by calling DNA a "code" thinking that it necessitates the existence of a intelligent designer. It doesn't and you're just committing the fallacy of faulty analogy