Tuesday, January 23, 2018

DNA as a "code' does not mean it was created by an intelligent agent

A 'code" in semiotics is when you have a symbol being replaced by a letter or word (most of time) which is deciphered into a normal readable language...there is nothing about DNA being a "code" that fits that description. Man "arbitrarily" assigned names to the nucleotides based upon what nitrogenous base they have and gave those names a symbol to represent them. Those symbols do not translate into any normal readable language. The calling of DNA a "code" is merely a very loose informal analogy to help students better understand conceptually how DNA to protein synthesis works in the central dogma of biology. Stop trying to use a poor analogy by calling DNA a "code" thinking that it necessitates the existence of a intelligent designer. It doesn't and you're just committing the fallacy of faulty analogy

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